About the company

Egoles d.o.o. is a supplier of modern, energy saving prefabricated houses and wooden construction elements, made of ecological materials.

The company was established in the year 1975. At first, the main activity of the company was the creation of roof trusses. Due to the demand in the market, the company expanded its activity onto the creation of roof trusses made from spiked carriers, wooden fence elements and wooden footbridges. In the year 2000, the company began manufacturing prefabricated houses.

In the construction of energy saving prefabricated houses and other products, we take into consideration the wishes and ideas of clients, so Egoles adjusts the means of production and materials to individual projects. We wish to ensure a high level of living standard while respecting the natural environment. WE confirm our quality with the certificated we acquire and cooperation with the institute Otto Graf from Stuttgart, which is authorised for the verification of quality. Challenges to the employees at the company remain to reaffirm high quality, respect an agreement and to become even better and more successful.